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jackieJacqueline Yockey is the President and Chief Executive Officer of High Adventure Ministries, Inc. – a Global Broadcasting Ministry. High Adventure – Voice of Hope / Voice of Jerusalem has a proven track record of broadcasting in Lebanon and Israel for over forty years. High Adventure's Jerusalem-based headquarters broadcasts daily news, special features and the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem 24/7. High Adventure's corporate offices are in Louisville, Kentucky USA.

Jackie has been a guest on Daystar, The 700 Club, and many other programs. She is host of High Adventure's TV program every Sunday morning at 5:30 a.m. on Channel 21 in Louisville, Kentucky. She also hosts a radio program broadcasting the Word of the Lord from Jerusalem called Gems From Jerusalem currently airing at 11:30 a.m. EST daily on High Adventure's website.

Jackie implemented groundbreaking technology on major Christian television networks via "Skype" of live international interviews from high ranking officials as well as breaking news from Israel.

Previous to joining High Adventure, Jackie was the Senior Guest Coordinator for the Christian Broadcasting Network's television program "The 700 Club" for over twenty one years. She is known for her work with celebrities and musical artists. Jackie is highly respected in diverse circles for her media experience which includes hosting tours and supporting Israel for over thirty six years.

Jackie is the author of "Looking for a City."


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